Charity Partners

In our belief in equality and mutual benefit, our objective is to donate our net profits to projects that work to achieve a fairer and more compassionate world for everyone. We select grassroots charities that are focused on helping underprivileged groups within our local and global community. We stand for a fair go for everyone, and this theme of universal human rights, equality and social justice is a common thread you will notice in the organisations we support. 

While some of these projects may be affected by religious organisations, we take care to respect the diversity and individual religious beliefs of all HhAM customers by ensuring all of our profits are directed to funding humanitarian projects which are separate from those relating to the religious arm of these organisations.
HhAM supports enterprises founded on universal principles of humanism, the common ground everyone can feel a part of; something we can all stand behind and believe in regardless of religious persuasion.


Paradise Kids For Africa


This organisation is run entirely by volunteers, meaning that all donations go directly to helping those in need. Supporting a number of humanitarian missions in several developing nations including Sierra Leone, Kenya, Papua New Guinea and The Gambia, they fund and affect humanitarian missions that aim to eliminate poverty and its determinants. Their projects range from providing food, water and clothing to the poor, building and running schools, colleges and universities, and setting up orphanages and medical clinics.

A large number of these projects have been led and directed by Brother Themi, an Australian born ex-rock star and (as many have likened him) a home grown Mother Theresa, whose time with his-self founded Australian rock group The Flies included working with the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger, and whose 20 something years helping underprivileged groups in West and Central Africa have included two episodes of malaria, multiple shooting attempts by rebels during the Sierra Leone civil war, and most recently, working on the frontline during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. This is a person who does no less than exemplify love and unmeasured generosity, someone who selflessly exists for the betterment of others and who will likely tell me off if he ever reads this public praise.  

The list of past, current and future projects helmed by Paradise Kids Africa can be found on their website if you are interested in finding out more about this organisation.




In the spirit of affecting the greatest possible good for the greatest number of people, HhAM plans to widen the number of humanitarian projects it supports as we grow.

Watch this space.