Who Are We

When your eyes are bigger than your stomach 
                                              ~more than just another fashion label

HhAM is a Melbourne based luxury menswear label that is dedicated to donating all net profits to charity.  All of our products are ethically made in Australia, and 100% of net profits are donated to grassroots humanitarian charities all around the globe with the aim of eliminating poverty and social inequality.


This is the first love child of an eclectic pro-bono team of artists, techies, dreamers and social entrepreneurs, designing to blur the lines between fashion and philanthropy.


We favour unconventional fabrication and considered design to create a distinctive aesthetic that is both innovative and timeless.  Our first collection covers an entrée of men’s accessories, divided into 5 “moods”, a piece of HhAM for any state of feeling.  Our designer and product developers are currently hamming up our range to include a more comprehensive range of menswear that includes bags, ready to wear and outwear.



Driven by a love for design and a deep-set passion for social justice and equality, we are a fashion house that dreams of a more beautiful world for everyone.



This is our aesthetic, and we wear it proud.