Unpacking The Name

What The HhAM ? (*#?!?)


HhAM- Sounds like something you might put in your sandwich. What…?
~the just ‘cause.
We concede that it might seem a little:
A: strange
B: #wtf
C: confusing
D: all of the above
E: D
that we would choose a name for an innovative designer label that is pronounced the same way as ham. A bit random? An extra serve of tongue in cheek? (Did they even realise?)
Well yes, that’s the point. Because.
We’ve found that life is much more interesting when we don’t take ourselves too seriously. The light-hearted ridiculousness of our name speaks to a spirited just-want-to-have-fun attitude that is the energy of what we do and who we are. Because what are you waiting for anyway?
We believe in doing what you love for the love of it, for the fun of it. We believe in the crazy, the unique, the carefree. We believe in the you in the we. Because, HhAM.

Of course we recognise the magnitude and seriousness of the problems our charity partners tirelessly work to reduce and solve; by no means are we undermining this or the plight of the people our profits will support.
But ultimately we believe that the path to happy is happiness.

Because, HhAM.


HhAM- legs and faces. Who…?

~the inspiration


In actual fact, Don and ridiculous were not the inspiration or the beginnings of our name.
HhAM is the acronym formed by the names of two very important Helens- my grandmother and our late friend who recently lost her battle with breast cancer (both instrumental in this journey and both dreamers and cheerers) and a pseudonym for a reminder of the childish daring to never stop dreaming, a pen name (Andrea Maria) I came up with as an 11 year old for when I was to become a famous actress, which obviously was as easy said as done for a child-like faith in dreams.
HhAM is the product and the symbol of an unquestioning belief in a dream, and named in honour of personal representations of this.
I HhAM therefore I am.


HhAM- what’swiththetwoH’sisitatypo? Why…?

~the elemental

Like an element on the periodic table, HhAM is the motif for a thing fundamental. We stand for the primary constituents of matter that matter. Things like happiness, peace, equality, universal human rights, love, freedom; elemental in that they are the very building blocks what it means to be human.
It is what makes us an individual that makes us the same- our human identity- an inherent worth. And in this sameness, “Hh” represents our fundamental belief that we all have the right to exist in these elemental things. We are the label that dreams to design this reality, where the fundamental is the indispensable.
This is our dress code- the elemental.

I am therefore I HhAM.