It's not about the money





We’ve heard it said that we only live once. We can’t speak for you, but we were never invited to the pre-drinks, and one shot to party hard was all we were given.

So we decided to make it our vendetta to milk every last ounce of life from this one-show-only act. Party hard while we had life to party at all.

This could only look like one thing for us- love.


So we stripped back all the bullshit.

We proposed a pursuit of a conscious existence.

We re-cast and re-wrote and re-designed.

And the things we loved and did for love became our only act. The rest didn’t even make the deleted scenes section. It’s a dog eat dog world out there kid.



I can sense my gag reflex twinging, so let’s break this love thing down into a soppiness-free formula. Mathematics (of sorts), according to HhAM:

Fashion=we love

Considered design=we love

Innovation=we love

Australian garment and textile industry=we love

Humans=we love


Equality=love=humans= we love = fashion



High end fashion for humans for the love of it.

We dig this.

So we do this. Because we love.




Argument mark 1.0; the love thang. Whether it was a measured course of action or not was a little irrelevant, because this is what we live and breathe, design is just who we are. Why *not* fashion?


Happily enough for the Vulcan in us, we found that the link between fashion and social enterprise was also a logical one; as a continuously evolving multi billion dollar industry that celebrates self expression and re-imaging, a universal language of new ideas and possibilities, it looked to us like a perfect fit for global change.


But fundamentally we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all, no one single vehicle for starting some good; we are each our own unique individual with our own distinct distinctiveness to bring to the table, and this is probably the only correct response to “why?”. Changing the world is a slippery notion, and it takes a multi-faceted approach to affect something so enormous.


So we just do what we do, because this is our distinct distinctiveness, because this is who we are and what we love, and that is the real answer to “why”.