(warning: may contain traces of nuts.
life was too short to manufacture in sterile factory)

There is nothing processed or honey baked about this HhAM. Our philosophy is simple and it is the essence of everything we do, and of every why and how.
There are no hidden agendas, no additives or artificial ingredients. Sadly we weren’t on the guest list for the dress rehearsal, so instead you will find us ravenously devouring every moment of this life to the bone.

In every course, three fundamental legs of HhAM will always form the core ingredients. Unity, rebellion and freedom.
We stand for your inherent worth as a unique individual, and for our belief that worth is inherent to every one of us.
We are dreamers but we aren’t ignoramuses. We know we are idealists in an imperfect world. But this is why we’re here.
Our cause is a blinker-free expression of self and a universal banding together in the fight for a fairer and more compassionate world.

Our angle is ‘YOLO’, and we live each day doing what we love, just because we love it. Life is too serious to be taken too seriously, and besides there is just too much fun to be had. We might come off as smug and over-confident, but that is only because we are smugly overly confident that united (and in the right outfit) we can achieve anything together. There is no limit. “Impossible” and “too hard” is just someone else’s opinion.
HhAM says bite me.



Looks like: brotherhood, diversity, friendship, strength, mutuality, us. Ham is better with strawberries and cheese, but ham will always be ham, and that is the best of all.

Beat to your own drum. Hum to your own tune. The music we make as individuals united is the rhythm of change, the soundtrack of possibilities infinite.
Because there is a fulfillment in friendship, a security in brotherhood, and a strength in “we”. So much fun to be had together. And if we all stand united, who will rival us?


Sounds like: 28th August 1963, the Lorax, 60s youth movement, equality, social justice, black sheep, tubthumbing

Whose permission are you waiting for to get a little ridiculous anyway?
Take a leaf out of Dr.Seuss’s book and decide for yourself whether you prefer your eggs green. Challenge the status quo. You are not for general consumption, and blinkers are so yesterday.
What if there is another way to look at what you’re seeing, what if happy is happier when we all are? What if this world can be more beautiful for everyone?

I daresay ham could fly, if we wear the change. Because we’re the change.


Feels like: we can. Dream it real.

We subscribe to your crazy, because it is yours. Your ‘you’ is an outfit you should be owning.
Don’t you know that today was tomorrow yesterday and this moment and this you is the beginning of anything? With a kind eye and an open mind you will see the bit of common-ground in the stranger, the bit of possible in the impossible, and the bit of superhero in you.
Because you and me and they and we are human. What is cannot?
You have to look to see it, you have to be it to become it. But it’s there in your wardrobe, it’s there for your taking, and it’s in every one of us.

Free yourself.